8/2: Alicia

Today, Alfredo andI continued revising the paper. Also, we started pairing programming to investigate the semitone range of stressed vs unstressed vowel phones in skilled and struggling readers.

Tomorrow, we will continue revising the paper.

8/1/2018 – Ali


Today I finished the parser class, made the edit section buttons more centered, made the separator have a default (new line). This way it is more obvious that users are supposed to tap an option. Then, I started working on making buttons more obvious, but didn’t finish.



Tomorrow I will finish making the buttons more obvious and work on the paper.

08/01/18 – Alfredo


I spent a little time working on my paper. We are nearing the end of my last week, so I don’t think it is worth starting anything new, so I decided that it would be nice to try to explore different things related to reading kitty. Since reading kitty will probably eventually need a server for maintaining the selection of stories, I went back and am working more with flask and trying to get a basic database going. Not much luck so far.


I will continue to get the server stuff working and hopefully make a basic site that can make GET and POST requests to obtain information about the stories.

8/1: Alicia

Today, I looked at the average semitone range of vowel phones and consonant phones. From a first glance, it looks like struggling readers read vowel phones with a higher pitch than skilled readers. Therefore, I’m working on performing a t-test for just the vowel phone AX to see if there is a statistically significant difference between skilled and struggling readers.

Tomorrow, I will continue to do so.

7/31/2018 – Ali


Today, I helped plan the tshirts and then successfully updated the xml in the edit section scene. However, I noticed an issue. Prof. Medero wanted me to use xml files to store the books so they would be easy to update later. But, the xml files are parsed and saved in many locations and swift files. So, if something were to be updated later, like a new element tag, all of the parsing functions in all of the swift files would need to be updated individually. If one of the functions was missed accidentally, then the app wouldn’t work. So, I decided to create a new class in the model controller that is a subclass of the XMLParserDelegate. That way, if the xml structure is changed, only the functions in this class would need to be updated. I started working on this, but I did not finish.



Tomorrow I will finish making the parser class. Then, I will make buttons more obvious, make the export video button work, add errors when deleting the last section/question, and an add section button.

7/30/2018 – Ali


Today I finished editing the new book view controller. I made examples for the separators and took out the drop down menu. Now, to select a separator, the user taps on the corresponding example instead. Then, I updated the devices buttons to be more dynamic. The buttons are all created programmatically from the devices the data struct.

Then I created the edit section scene. I am stuck on figuring out how to update the xml file. I know how to parse an xml and how to create a new xml. But, I can’t find anywhere how to update an xml. So, the only solution I see is parsing and then resaving the xml.

Finally, I updated the VideoPlayer scene so the feedback is “struggling reader” if the frequency range is less than 50, and “strong reader” otherwise.



Tomorrow, I will work on updating the xml, probably by parsing and then resaving the xml. Then, I will make the buttons more obvious, and then make the export video button work.

7/30/17 – Alfredo


I began the day by trying the IQR method of removing outliers to remove the outliers caused from white noise in the from the iPhone mic. This appeared to be effective and is what we will use for now (there may be some underlying issue that we are not aware of).

I spent the rest of the time working on the paper.


I will continue to work on the paper and possible go back and improve the poster.